New shoes new look, fall/winter 09 trends men’s search

Grace Baby Dresses for Wedding.VOGUE carefully selected modern yet gentleman style, ensure your attention rather than raised eyebrows. Prom Dresses.

New shoes new look, fall/winter 09 trends men's search

New shoes new look, fall/winter 09 trends of men’s shoes search
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Since autumn this year to buy new shoes yet? Also didn’t buy it, then take a look at this season, the most In men’s shoes are what kind of investment will not mistake, Oh! VOGUE fashion carefully selected modern yet grace gentleman style, ensure your attention rather than raised eyebrows.

Gucci men’s shoes ad of the season estimates were Corona, shoe colors like neon lights in the smoke, gorgeous surprises, like a luminous body. Listen exaggerating, look, its handsome level absolutely must be “amazing” to describe. This is also a trend of men’s shoes this season, and the addition of color. Color is not a narrow bright color, but breaking through the traditional black and Brown, not exaggerated, but there is color. Dolce & Gabbana in show field Shang show has red, and peach powder, and smoked clothing grass purple, bright satin surface or velvet shallow mouth slippers, but actual launched of products and no that Yao exaggerated, color deep and gorgeous; and with material of Department with shoes style more real wear, mosaic sentenced Black patent leather article for segmentation transition, and patent leather of shiny compared, dumb light of silk satin and velvet of color can said have Shang is low-key. If you want a high profile case, Dior Homme’s dark red patent leather-shoes is a choice, colour is very conspicuous, but with some depth of the transition, with classical charm, and its shape exceptionally handsome, neutralizing the color regarded as being caused by.

Represented by Dior Homme’s modern styling is another big trend, material smooth and shiny, futuristic. Burberry show saw the silver-gray lace shoes, simple to buttonholes omitted several and silver Dior Homme shoes worthy of praise for segmentation of geometric, it is beauty “magnet”; Versace dress shoes, contrary to the practice of cross stitch and cut decorative shoe, fresh and refined.

Textures, suede outshines, Bottega Veneta not only rugged casual loafers, Canali also intentionally peached finish school shoes, more Dolce & Gabbana suede dress shoes mosaic paradigm. Suede’s natural charm and popularity.

Joint material is also a trend we’ve seen silk satin, velvet, leather, suede and other materials, crocodile, lizard-skin shoes of rare animal skins such as frequently. Dries Van Noten black alligator leather strap on the shoe design with Brown crocodile leather buckle loops, ingenuity, while Dolce & Gabbana combine materials to perfection, crocodile leather and fabric, lizard and snake skin, contrast of texture, luster and exquisite elegance.

Sounds tempting right? Look at the pictures what kind it is, be sure to look at the big picture have an effect, or just a bunch of black leather shoes.

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LACOSTE fall/winter 2016 Club series: classic elegance

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LACOSTE fall/winter 2016 Club series: classic elegance

LACOSTE men’s Club series–the classic wool and Tweed
In autumn 2016 quarter elegant Club series, men’s clothing features a warm wool and Tweed material. Classic tweed jacket on left breast and sides are designed with expandable pocket, jacket trim at neckline and collar of the smooth tip decorated with perfect detail. Other major winter wardrobe items including a double-breasted Cardigan, retro long sleeve shirt with the Cabin made of suede Navy worsted coat.

LACOSTE women’s Club series classic warm wool material–fall/winter wardrobe
Elegant classic Club in the season series, featuring women’s warm fleece material. First single for a Navy blue cotton kimono style jacket with wool blended material, edge of the Pocket and made of brown suede belt. Working fine jacquard design and shawl-collar sweater with a deep v, 2 color choices, mild white yellow and Navy Blue. The series perfectly is a delicate and thick wool Navy dress, whether it is with the short or long winter coat, red and Brown striped hierarchy to create the elegant French style.

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Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld fall/winter 2016: winter fashion dress preferred

Party Wear Gowns

Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld fall/winter 2016: winter fashion dress preferred

Talented Karl Lagerfeld and Hogan again to work together, to create the new 2016 winter series. Adhering to the style in the last quarter, this cooperation focuses on apparel and accessories design, dominated by leather and the use of high-tech materials.

Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld will shine this season series, it contains a series of ultra light down jacket, coat, zipper jackets and warm sleeveless vest, jackets and coats. Handbags, shoes and other shoes with touch effects, set off the series of elegant, creativity.

Jacket length quilted down jacket and asymmetry geometric mosaic, highlights popular style used silver zippers, strengthen irregular diagonal effect. Jackets with slim trim or with a band, fully demonstrated the waist line. Color pure nylon material, specially treated and presents the three-dimensional relief effects. Another highlight of the design is to have multiple hidden pockets, with a detachable collar with long zippers and extra gloves. The other hand, hip-length jacket is full of street art style: black leather emblazoned with a silver hand-painted pattern, sleeve with same graffiti effect. Jacket match slightly outside the a-shaped quilted thermal vest, stressed the solid outlines.

In addition, the accessories are brand new Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld line of essential goods, it is the perfect blend of designer and brand design philosophy, it is for the best. Or sneakers and ankle and calf two different lenght, tones of black and white design underlines the Karl Lagerfeld’s design style. High heel Oxford shoes with rubber soles, distributed fashion charm. The accordion concert with clothing styles handbags, novel design, bag painted with silver line, and bottom color contrasts, both m and XL sizes. Handbag buckle engraved with Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld logo, details see also the mind.

Overall, Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld line will become the 2016 winter fashion clothes preferred.

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