United States teenagers dressed model Ashley Olsen

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United States teenagers dressed model Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen (Ashley Olsen) and Mali·Kaite·aoersen (Mary-Kate Olsen) are fraternal twin sisters, stature and both taste good and Maverick style of dressing and become United States teen clothing models. Sister Ashley Olsen’s style is more sedate, black and white, and the shirt was her great love, but you want to find from her Prim style? Sorry will only let you down.

Neutral style will always be female to show confidence and the best choice for formal occasions, but this model does not represent must be put into smaller versions of men’s look. While preserving your whims, as long as the collar of a shirt, suit jackets tailored styles, the selection of handbags and high heels to spend some effort, the effect will be very alarming. Ashley this shape there is no complicated parts, but feminine from every little detail in the infiltration, and charming.

  United States teenagers dressed model Ashley Olsen

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Pretty in pink, pink LACOSTE spring/summer 2011 women’s golf series

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Pretty in pink, pink LACOSTE spring/summer 2011 women's golf series

Spring/summer 2011, LACOSTE Golf women’s series dominated by beautiful pink and decorated with dark blue high light streaks.

A sleeveless design Camilla long mesh Polo Shirt Pink and dark blue stripes. Threaded collar also has a corresponding line as modified on both sides.

Golf stretch gabardine skirts this season also used Camilla pink, more matches with the color of Golf Gloves.

A slim long mesh Polo shirt at the collar, cuffs, collar and Camilla powder Pocket edges are decorated with contrasting colors and dark blue stripes.

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Marc By Marc Jacobs anniversary limited edition retrospective series

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Marc By Marc Jacobs anniversary limited edition retrospective series


To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the birth of the brand, Marc By Marc Jacobs will be held on May 13, 2011 in the Shanghai ganghui square anniversary birthday party and anniversary limited edition retrospective series (Limited Edition Anniversary Re-issue) also on April 27, 2011 at Marc By Marc Jacobs store eventually opened the sale, which covers the past male, Ladies ‘ classic printing and cutting in ready-to-wear collections, together with all Marc Fans relive the Decade’s brand of classic moments.

Launched in 2001, is Marc By Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs line. First series by renowned fashion photographer Juergen Teller shoot commercials, which fit military uniform jacket, color printing exquisite trims and the unique design make the series become brand classics. The youth series with retro flavor for the sportswear market has drawn a new definition. Zhihou, Marc By Marc Jacobs will soon establish a design-led brand ideas, and to create a positive brand image, after the creation of instantly attracted a number of loyal supporters.

Retrospective on limited series (The Anniversary Re-issue) gathers well-known brands over the past decade prints and styles. Classic women’s clothing includes handsome uniform style jackets, abstract prints, silk dress and patterned cotton scarf, graffiti t shirts. Rendered dominate the quarterly review series catwalk and advertising large prints and feminine tailoring. First men’s collections for the 2001 holiday series, recalling the series once again delivered a signature flat pattern t-shirt, short sleeve Oxford cloth shirt, contrast detail cotton casual trousers and classic uniform style jackets wash water. On each garment sewn limited edition label, and sold in stores worldwide.

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Thermal strappy Gladiator shoes LACOSTE FOOTWEAR 2011 summer

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Thermal strappy Gladiator shoes LACOSTE FOOTWEAR 2011 summer

LACOSTE FOOTWEAR shoes YAMINI is toe crossed straps, heel and ankle wrap strappy Roman strappy shoes. This paragraph shoes of design inspiration to since ancient times Greece type of sandals, Lacoste Polo shirts texture of cloth with, cross Yu feet, lay has elegant Lady temperament; Ballet actor like of Department with around ankle, build romantic style; insoles within of fill real, makes walking more comfortable; combined with color of pressure spent soles, don’t has charm; YAMINI has blue, and classic red, and yellow and black can for select, is summer of will defeated single products.

Item price: EUR RMB690

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Moncler 2016-17 winter women series: short jacket collection

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Moncler 2016-17 winter women series: short jacket collection

New design of Moncler jackets designed for autumn and winter of this year, and its diversity is the perfect show. The series of compact, each has its own characteristics, suitable for snow wear, or city life. Among them, the short coat is easy the good selection of outdoor sports, so our special Moncler 2016-17 Summary of short jacket collection winter women series.

The design comes from the brand’s most timeless style, the true interpretation of the herringbone wool or Tweed charm is truly eye-catching work. Moncler draw inspiration from the style of England, to design these fabrics. Warp white yarn, weft color yarn, as United Kingdom farmer during the long winters of weaving cloth. Its bright colors such as yellow, light blue and pink, lined dot polka dots. Grey-black style is decorated with accessories and went through light details.
Classic cotton jacket also has another cool optional styles, cuffs are made of fine grey waterproof mix flannel, cuffs and collar are made from wool.

Throughout the series, all clothing is decorated with a lot of furs details and Hazel-Brown, light grey, grey, Brown, camel and black neutral colors the interpretation of it. Long jacket collar using the kid, is gorgeous and eye-catching. Spacious structure or fabric rolled seam fabric Jacket the same colorful, its collar made of Badger fur, luxurious and elegant. Part of the style of collar and cuffs are made of sheepskin.

Military style clothing front design has a double-breasted, its design inspired by the army, varying length and using a variety of innovative materials. This costume also features a retro stretch nylon and nylon, first with dyed resin processing, washing, clothing in the end have a cotton dark qualities and refined Vintage effect.

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LACOSTE fall/winter 2016 Club series: classic elegance

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LACOSTE fall/winter 2016 Club series: classic elegance

LACOSTE men’s Club series–the classic wool and Tweed
In autumn 2016 quarter elegant Club series, men’s clothing features a warm wool and Tweed material. Classic tweed jacket on left breast and sides are designed with expandable pocket, jacket trim at neckline and collar of the smooth tip decorated with perfect detail. Other major winter wardrobe items including a double-breasted Cardigan, retro long sleeve shirt with the Cabin made of suede Navy worsted coat.

LACOSTE women’s Club series classic warm wool material–fall/winter wardrobe
Elegant classic Club in the season series, featuring women’s warm fleece material. First single for a Navy blue cotton kimono style jacket with wool blended material, edge of the Pocket and made of brown suede belt. Working fine jacquard design and shawl-collar sweater with a deep v, 2 color choices, mild white yellow and Navy Blue. The series perfectly is a delicate and thick wool Navy dress, whether it is with the short or long winter coat, red and Brown striped hierarchy to create the elegant French style.

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Fall wardrobe essential blue MANGO autumn 2016 series blue collection

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Fall wardrobe essential blue MANGO autumn 2016 series blue collection

Wardrobe this fall one of the necessary colour is blue, I’m afraid, is not a sky blue, highly saturated blue, jewel-bright. Paired with white or black, or catch the last bus collision (soon to become a cliché) with red is very appropriate.

Blue MANGO autumn 2016 series items there. Models a simple t-shirt, because the color and shine up designer dress blue using doubly fashionable. Pick your look.

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Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld fall/winter 2016: winter fashion dress preferred

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Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld fall/winter 2016: winter fashion dress preferred

Talented Karl Lagerfeld and Hogan again to work together, to create the new 2016 winter series. Adhering to the style in the last quarter, this cooperation focuses on apparel and accessories design, dominated by leather and the use of high-tech materials.

Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld will shine this season series, it contains a series of ultra light down jacket, coat, zipper jackets and warm sleeveless vest, jackets and coats. Handbags, shoes and other shoes with touch effects, set off the series of elegant, creativity.

Jacket length quilted down jacket and asymmetry geometric mosaic, highlights popular style used silver zippers, strengthen irregular diagonal effect. Jackets with slim trim or with a band, fully demonstrated the waist line. Color pure nylon material, specially treated and presents the three-dimensional relief effects. Another highlight of the design is to have multiple hidden pockets, with a detachable collar with long zippers and extra gloves. The other hand, hip-length jacket is full of street art style: black leather emblazoned with a silver hand-painted pattern, sleeve with same graffiti effect. Jacket match slightly outside the a-shaped quilted thermal vest, stressed the solid outlines.

In addition, the accessories are brand new Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld line of essential goods, it is the perfect blend of designer and brand design philosophy, it is for the best. Or sneakers and ankle and calf two different lenght, tones of black and white design underlines the Karl Lagerfeld’s design style. High heel Oxford shoes with rubber soles, distributed fashion charm. The accordion concert with clothing styles handbags, novel design, bag painted with silver line, and bottom color contrasts, both m and XL sizes. Handbag buckle engraved with Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld logo, details see also the mind.

Overall, Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld line will become the 2016 winter fashion clothes preferred.

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MARIMEKKO Scandinavian fairy tales of the world: COCKTAIL SELECT SHOP store

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MARIMEKKO Scandinavian fairy tales of the world: COCKTAIL SELECT SHOP store

As the first introduction of MARIMEKKO clothing shop, COCKTAIL select brand shop had been hoping to bring customers around the world. Has a 60-year history of their printing and dyeing fabric from curtains, tablecloths to garments, is full of fairy tale of stamp design. Among material things, more colourful patterns printed on your supplies so as to ensure that the Nordic style of fairy tales to our side.

Delightful composition is the mark of MARIMEKKO, especially designed by Maija Isola in 60 UNIKKO poppies can immediately think of the brand. When bold is still new Maija is a brand of Armi Ratia. Try Armi had decided to give up advertising career shift into fabric production is the result of a dream, holding to bring customers the most unique and original prints. To make the consumer understand the practicality of MARIMEKKO fabric, Armi engaged design community, a certain yards of cloth into a series of lines simple but eye-catching costumes. The first fashion show, MARIMEKKO is Finland’s female fashion brings a breath of fresh air. Whether the stage it will provide the future positioning of the brand.

In the past as a prelude to now, design is the classic and fashion of MARIMEKKO. From simple tee to the charming dress with vivid fabrics. Hanging clothes are paintings, not to take away your focus, with unaffected beauty for design purposes. Comfortable cloth falling on the body, people cannot help feeling cheerful. MARIMEKKO clothing line is the most talked about moment was the late United States first lady Jackie Kennedy (Jackie o Kennedy) in the 1960 United States presidential election in one breath and put on 7 sets of MARIMEKKO clothing. 90, and another trend indicator of Sex And The City protagonist Carrie Bradshaw will also put on show MARIMEKKO dress. Evidence of MARIMEKKO at different stages are also indicators of fashion.

This year happens to be 60 anniversary of MARIMEKKO, COCKTAIL select shop specifically by Finland brought in several years this unique brand of classic clothing. COCKTAIL select shop in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai’s new layout into little corners of the brand; a week in the shop will replace the signature patterns of MARIMEKKO products daily to set up Windows. Love MARIMEKKO you must not miss the opportunity to see classic series. While in COCKTAIL at home you can la mode store to appreciate and choose full color MARIMKKO series of Northern Europe.

Address: Al-folanshi Street, Wan Chai, g/f, 33rd
Tel: + 2528 1488

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